REDTECH SOLUTIONS INDIA PVT. LTD. has a core team of four persons in the top management. For managing the projects the organization has a Project Management team of thirteen people and a Technical team of more than hundred people. Moreover, there exists a huge manforce dedicatedly involved in different projects as described here under

  • Project Manager : Different Project Managers for different domain and fields of Technical Expertise under the purview of time bound project requirement. Project Manager carries the entire responsibility of the project implementation and stabilization.
  • Service/Network Engineer : A Service/Network Engineer is responsible for functionality of the entire machine and equipment as well as the functionality of the network setup. Service/Network Engineers play the most vital role in timely completion of the project.
  • Developer :This team comprises of software developers. This team is involved in development of Reports as per client and project requirement. The team is involved in Standard Reporting (Reports that need to be sent to client at regular interval of time i.e. weekly or monthly reports). Developers also develop and modify source code as per the project requirement
  • Inventory Manager & Coordinator : This team receives data/consumable/material enters into inventory and issue data/consumable/material to the Team Leaders/ Supervisors as per need of the Project and then collects it back. This team is responsible to ensure that the Data Collecting Agents delivered back the data to the
    client in proper way.
  • Team Leader : One Team Leader to handle a team of approximately 20/25 people and remain responsible for the capacity building of the whole team. The strength of the project lies on their shoulders.
  • Supervisors : Supervisors act as shift/field in-charge and they directly interact with the Data Entry Operators/field staffs and constantly guide them for proper execution of their assignment. This team distributes the responsibility among the field staffs in the field in periodical manner and also distribute the data to the operators and then checks if the total data is entered and then takes the hard copies back to return to the
    Inventory Managers and then finally takes the backups of the data entered and then assign a new database for fresh data entry
  • Data Collector : This is a team of people responsible for collection of data from business locations verification for the correctness of data, tally for the data to be entered in the proper format, maintain accounts of data received and handle coordination with the client base. They are also responsible to guide on furnishing information on appropriate formats.
  • Data Entry Operators : This is a huge team dedicatedly involved for the data entry
    on proper formats and 1st level of error checking and validation.
  • CAD Operator : This team largely shoulders responsibility of quality in terms of checking for the correctness of data which is entered by the data entry operators. They verify and cross check the data entered with the hard copies available from the client for correctness and genuineness of data. Later they report for the 2nd level quality check of data.
  • Validator : This is the team who takes the validated database after 2nd level of error check and validity check and then manipulates the database. They compare the database in the raw format as entered by the Data Entry Operators with validated ones and then integrate both into a format as required by the Client. This team has the expertise in database and database management.
  • Enrollment Executive : This team prepares Bio-Metric Smart Cards by capturing photographs of the beneficiaries by using web-camera in the laptop computer and collect bio-metric fingerprint and Eye Retina of the photographed beneficiary by identifying through local govt. representative, then make necessary process for preparation of smart card, print the card through card printer, authenticate the card through authorised official, deputed by Govt. and distribute the card to the concerned beneficiary.