RSI is a leading IT Company offering the best expertise and knowledge in Bio-Metric Solutions and Database Management. Our mission is to provide best solutions in IT & Energy Sector to our Client’s need to improve efficiency of processes and add value to their business. We provide the highest standards of efficiency and quality in IT & Energy Sector to ensure the Clients’ expectations. We minimise users complaint by taking all possible measures like maintaining records of complain and service requests, root cause analysis and implementation of suitable preventive measures. Our objectives are

  • To achieve a leading position in IT & Energy Industry
  • To hire, train and motivate employees in creating a synergistic organisation which can deliver solutions at least possible cost.
  • To implement and follow business processes to improve quality of constructions and services.
  • To enhance and sustain our reputation in providing customer centric solutions.
  • To improve upon mutually beneficial relationships with customers, all supportive external
    encies and business associates.


  • Latest Infrastructure
  • Exceptionally qualified and motivated team of consultants
  • Professional credibility
  • Time bound work culture
  • Innovative and up to date approach
  • Successful track record with many highly reputed Industries and Govt. Sectors
  • Financial Stability and Steady Growth
  • Expert Advisory Board, comprising of Technical and Financial Specialists
  • Extensive practical knowledge of ever growing technologies